We are actively working with members and prospective members on the development of services that meet their needs. We expect that a full set of services will be determined collaboratively with our members and evolve over time.

Today we offer:

  • Management of idea-to-market platforms, networks and activities to innovate in projects, products, process and policy
  • Managed research to identify commercial opportunities and issues to decarbonise the built environment
  • Management of IP to build trust and confidence in collaborative systems
  • Managed testing and validation services to see ideas through from beginning-to-end
  • Monitoring and evaluation services and tools for evidence based materials to track changes and efficacy of innovative solutions
  • Access a powerful network of member’s skills and services to speed up and shortcut the identification and delivery of solutions
  • Consultancy services that respond to member’s priorities, as well as commercial offers to third party clients.
  • Specialist skill and services in Technology assessment and due diligence, energy systems integration and a wide range of toolkits and data services
  • Access to independent experts, thought leaders, legal and policy advice, research institutions, media and government

We are happy to discuss your needs for help with innovative solutions so please get in touch.

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