Net Zero with SLC Rail

May 2022: CFG completed Net Zero Policy and Strategy work for SLC Rail.

Springham Biodynamic Farm

May 2022: CFG completed energy strategy and scoping assessment for Springham Farm

Innovation Feasibility Pilot: Festival 2022

Aug 2021: CFG beginning renewable energy innovation feasibility study for DCMS

Net Zero for Halton Tennis Club

Mar 2020: CFG delivered energy and sustainability strategy work

Net-Zero/Sustainability Strategy Work

Jan 2022: CFG is drafting net zero and sustainability strategies for FE Colleges

Year 1 Net-Zero Plan for FE Colleges

Jan 2022: CFG began preparation to deliver goals for sustainability strategy

Newham Health Centres Decarbonisation

Mar 2022: Health and Care space Newham engaged CFG on their net zero NHS projects

Sustainable Procurement for Kent FE

Mar 2022: CFG will advise Morley, East and Mid Kent Colleges on sustainable procurement

Biodiversity Net Gain Pilot

Mar 2022: CFG began biodiversity net gain R&D for Morley, East and Mid Kent Colleges

Market research and IP Assessment

Mar 2020: CFG begins technology, market & IP assessment for innovative CHHRV technology

IP Assessment for DLT in the energy sector

Aug 2020: CFG commenced IP assessment and patent application for Power Transition

Management Support

Management of idea-to-market platforms, networks and activities to support innovation.

Grant Applications

Grant and funding application services to realise innovation in the clean technology and built environment sectors.

Research and Development

Managed research and coordination to identify commercial opportunities and identify innovative solutions.

Game Changing Introductions

Access to world leading independent experts, thought leaders, legal and policy advice, research institutions, media and government.

Investment Support

We provide and facilitate access to investment from seed and angel funding to Series A and B level investments.

Start-Up Inception

We bring individual expertise and organisations together and collaborate to create Joint Ventures that fix societal problems and bring innovation to the mainstream.

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