The Carbon Free Group’s first membership Conference, held at The
Pines Calyx in St Margaret's Bay on 21 March, has come and gone,
totally exceeding the Executive Board’s hopes.

.“Our early desk research showed a high level of interest in breaking the
existing sustainability model, but for so many construction-industry
experts to attend our first event at such short notice was outstanding,”
said Carbon Free Group’s co-founder and co-chairman Europe Anthony
And, it’s a view shared by delegates who have posted numerous positive
online comments including: "Super day meeting like-minded people,
great vision and good to be involved" Dr Cham S Kang @Cham Qinesis

Lessons learnt

Co-founder and co-chair Alistair Gould and Anthony Morgan opened the
day, outlining the lessons learnt from the Carbon Free Group’s earlier
work. In its previous format, the Group amassed 10 years of critical
sustainability expertise showing how early stage innovation can be
supported and encouraged.

However, the Group’s board recognised that the format had limitations in
terms of facilitating and delivering an on the ground, large scale shift
towards more sustainable construction practices and products.

Alistair explained that in 2015, a root and branch review of the Carbon
Free Group was instigated to develop a new, improved Carbon Free
Group to remove the barriers to sustainable construction.

Now, in 2017, the new format is ready to go live and Anthony introduced
the new structure and how it will operate to delegates. Importantly,
delegates were told that their views, as members, would be central to
the Group’s activity and impacts, - defining the problems that needed to
be addressed and developing and testing the innovative solutions in
order to get them to market.

With members including large corporates, SMEs, start ups and
entrepreneurs all with an interest in improving the impacts of the built
environment, delegates were told that the Group’s activities

would speed up the process of bringing new, sustainable solutions to
market. It would also de- risk them, both in terms of finance and
Delegates were told how the innovative approach would
involve collaborative working, problem definition, and a patented
mechanism for returning value to the members of the Carbon Free

So much inspiration...

True to its principles, Carbon Free Group is a member-led organisation.
so it made sense that folks then broke out into huddles and moved into
working group discussions, defining issues for the Carbon Free Group to
work on in the short and medium term. To say that the ideas were free-
flowing was an understatement.

“In this first event we’ve already identified six live projects,” said Anthony
Morgan. “Opportunities for members to get involved in exciting,
transformational projects are already on the table, and that is an
exceptional result at such an early stage.”

And networking

In addition to identifying projects and processes, the day was also a
chance for folks to get acquainted. This was networking +.

Thank you

A lot of hard work went into making the event a success, not least from
the CFG board: Anthony Morgan, Alistair Gould, Brian Condon,
Charles Bicker, Karl Walker, Matty Peacock, Greg Chant-Hall and Bryan Spooner. Missing was our
Director of Sustainability, Jae Mather. Jae influences senior leaders to
move beyond theory to the practical application through innovating new
technologies, training, and services.

We’d also like to thank our brilliant facilitator Lloyd Davis
And the staff at wonderful The Pines Calyx conference centre. It’s a
beautiful, sustainable venue and one that everyone should visit.

Of course, we must also thank the delegates. Without you, such an
inspiring and valuable Conference would not have been possible.

Hopefully you will join us on May 23rd for our next event. So put your sustainable thinking caps on and let’s all work together to deliver

Posted on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 22:17