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You can engage fully as members or even just join us on social media or participate in community forums to develop the Carbon Free products, projects, processes and policies through connected innovation. Complete this short form to request to join.

What one group designs, another must build, and others to live and work in. We all need to speed up the offer of responsive designs that enable improved team building practices that support behavioural change to speed up Carbon Free solutions in the places and spaces where we work, live and play. Carbon Free futures need ground breaking solutions. We will pursue these in ways others would find difficult. Our collaborations will engage Corporates, SMEs, government, development agencies, builders, artisans, academia, communities and individuals to share their skills, experiences and learning in innovative ways.


  • Create commercial opportunities and decarbonise the built environment
  • Provide a platform and network to innovate without the risk
  • Manage innovation in projects, products, process and policy
  • Satisfy shareholder/employee desire for sustainable solutions
  • Rapid innovation without the risk to reputation
  • A powerful network that provides a shortcut to hitting targets


  • Innovation without the cost and risk, at a much greater pace than would otherwise be possible for an SME
  • Access to a valuable network at every level and a safe platform for collaboration
  • The ability to participate on projects bigger than otherwise possible
  • To provide solutions your customers want


  • Membership also suits independent experts, thought leaders, research institutions, media, local government and many others
  • Joining connects you to a thought leadership network
  • The CFG is changing the built environment by uniting industry leaders for the first time
  • A movement with embedded values, purpose-driven and driving sustainable change


  • Solve challenges and create opportunities rapidly
  • Get the strategic and financial advantages of rapid innovation
  • Take advantage of a tax-efficient opportunity to innovate
  • Be a pioneer, thought leader and influence a network of changemakers
  • Satisfy shareholder, employee and people's desire for sustainable solutions, with all associated risk deferred away from the member organisation

Current Members

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Caplin Homes
Carbon Plan
Clean Energy UK
Convert Energy
Electric Corby
Energy Zone
Global Guard
Gupta Partnership
Hawkes Architecture
Helionix Designs
Langley Eco
Nexgen Heating
Resilient Homes
SAM Architects LLP
SCIN Gallery
Staniforth Architects
Storing Renewable Energy
Transition Power

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