"Carbon Free Group developed an energy strategy for Ponds Ruff Cottage in the Suffolk town of Beccles. "

The house scores A rating for Predicted Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact Rating providing low running costs and lowest impact on the environment though the deployment of low and zero carbon technologies.
This idyllic 122 square meter 2 bedroom house is designed as a comfortable country retreat, providing living and working space for the property owners.

System Design:
At Carbon Free Group we think about whole system design, connecting high efficiency renewable-powered systems to provide comfortable and low carbon living.
The photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collector (PV-T) degenerates clean electrical and thermal energy.
The inter-seasonal heat storage Earth Energy Bank (EEB) stores the summertime heat in the earth below buildings for use the following winter.
During the winter the heat is extracted from the EEB by the heat pump, keeping the house warm all year long.
MVHR provides fresh filtered air into the house, retaining the energy that has been used heating the house.

PV-T + HeatPump

Project led by Nevin Sedor of Grimshaw Architects.
We are proud to partner with our collaborators: Convert Energy, Caplin Solar, Mastertherm Heat Pumps, MES Building Solutions.