New Zero-Carbon Service Station

July 2023: CFG collaborating on Zero-Carbon design of Stannington Services, A1

Sustainable Energy Solutions

June 2023: CFG is proud to work on Neven Sidor’s RIBA award winning ‘Ponds Rough’

New Team Member

May 2023: We're excited to welcome Prue to the team to manage business operations

R&D Grant Received

Dec 2022: CFG awarded LoCase grant to develop decarbonisation platform

Smart Microgrid Audit

Dec 2022: CFG delivers asset audit for BRE smart microgrid project with Power Transition

Energy & Ecology Innovation

Dec 2022: CFG engaged to help plan Paragraph 80 projects in Northamptonshire and Suffolk

Solar Upgrade

Oct 2022: Bay Trust commissions CFG to implement solar upgrade to Pines Calyx

Carbon Capture R&D

Oct 2022: CFG undertakes R&D into a unique continuous-batch biochar kiln

CFG Against Greenwashing

Sep 2022: CFG Receives Anti Greenwash Chartership

RTAP International Launch

Aug 2022: RTAP is helping Canadian farm undertake greenhouse regeneration

Skilgate: From Good to Great

July 2022: Strategy delivered to empower a low emission farm to achieve net zero

"The first in the UK to use low temperature PV-T"

The Chetwode Road "Applewood Respite Centre" was one of the first Carbon Free Group's projects, delivered in partnership with URS (formerly Scott Wilson). The Carbon Free Group was engaged on the project to provide technology and support in order to increase the BREEAM target for the building.

The project was the first in the UK to use low temperature PV-T (PowerVolt) - in fact for this project both PowerVolt and PowerTherm were used. Due to the nature of the building and its use, the building has very high hot water usage so the PVT is offsetting as much of the demand as possible.There is a total of 7.15kW of PVT used on the project supported by a 25kW ground source heat pump and backed up by a conventional gas boiler.

Technology Deployed

  • 3.85kW x PowerVolt
  • 3.3kW PowerTherm
  • 3 x Steca 2000 Inverter and slave
  • 25kW Ice Energy Heatpump
  • 1 x Emergency heat dump fan coil unit
  • Gas Boiler