CFG Against Greenwashing

Sep 2022: CFG Receives Anti Greenwash Chartership

RTAP Internation Launch

Aug 2022: RTAP is helping Canadian farm undertake greenhouse regeneration

Skilgate: From Good to Great

July 2022: Strategy delivered to empower a low emission farm to achieve net zero

Dover Farm Innovation and Sustainability

July 2022: Innovative biodiversity and sustainability strategy delivered

Lecture: Carbon Capture with Local Authorities

June 2022: Biochar lecture delivered by Inventor and CFG Director E.Rube

Net Zero Residential Design

June 2022: CFG delivered a detailed design for a residential house project in South London

Net Zero Ampleforth

Feb 2021: Net zero and renewable technologies strategy delivered

Net Zero Design in Maidwell

May 2022: CFG commences net zero design for Paragraph 80 project in Maidwell

Net Zero with SLC Rail

May 2022: CFG completed Net Zero Policy and Strategy work for SLC Rail.

Springham Biodynamic Farm

May 2022: CFG completed energy strategy and scoping assessment for Springham Farm

Net Zero for Halton Tennis Club

Mar 2020: CFG delivered energy and sustainability strategy work

Tom Mansfield
Cultural Advisor

Tom is working with the Carbon Free Group to evolve the structure of its community and the effectiveness of its messaging to encourage behavioural change. Inspired by the proposition that our current systems are no longer fit for purpose, Tom seeks to find and create new approaches, better systems and recalibrated values to transform how people and society conduct civilisation to deliver more equitable and self-fertilising outcomes.

His multi-skilled experience offers a unique perspective on our built environment and how to organise and deploy the change required for its projects, products, processes and policies. This distinctive vantage point uncovers many unique opportunities bridging industry, academia, finance, management and the arts to effect individual and community behavioural change.

Tom has an 8-year track record in producing and hosting innovative public discussion forums convening thought leaders from across sectors and showcasing these discourses to new audiences. He founded the Secret Garden Party and Wilderness Festival Forums, as well as many stand-alone discussion series in response to current affairs.

In 2011, together with Mark Stevenson, he co-founded LOPO - The League of Pragmatic Optimists - a principle-led international platform and cultural change initiative for augmenting projects to 'make the world a better place'.

Tom also works as freelance construction project manager and has been trialling more coherent ecological building methods for a decade. His creative practice focuses on the confluence of technology, humanities and ecology, weaving these into synergies that can deliver systemic change.

Cultural Advisor