New Zero-Carbon Service Station

July 2023: CFG collaborating on Zero-Carbon design of Stannington Services, A1

Sustainable Energy Solutions

June 2023: CFG is proud to work on Neven Sidor’s RIBA award winning ‘Ponds Rough’

New Team Member

May 2023: We're excited to welcome Prue to the team to manage business operations

R&D Grant Received

Dec 2022: CFG awarded LoCase grant to develop decarbonisation platform

Smart Microgrid Audit

Dec 2022: CFG delivers asset audit for BRE smart microgrid project with Power Transition

Energy & Ecology Innovation

Dec 2022: CFG engaged to help plan Paragraph 80 projects in Northamptonshire and Suffolk

Solar Upgrade

Oct 2022: Bay Trust commissions CFG to implement solar upgrade to Pines Calyx

Carbon Capture R&D

Oct 2022: CFG undertakes R&D into a unique continuous-batch biochar kiln

CFG Against Greenwashing

Sep 2022: CFG Receives Anti Greenwash Chartership

RTAP International Launch

Aug 2022: RTAP is helping Canadian farm undertake greenhouse regeneration

Skilgate: From Good to Great

July 2022: Strategy delivered to empower a low emission farm to achieve net zero

Bryan Spooner

Bryan Spooner has a Degree (Agriculture) and a Masters (Development Economics). He has 40 years multi-disciplinary experience in 28 countries. Bryan’s expertise is strategic analysis, policy formation, business/project management, natural resource conservation/management, marketing and organisational change for sustainable development. His clients include United Nations agencies, development banks, donor agencies, government departments, non-governmental agencies, universities, commercial companies, SMEs and individuals. He has extensive experience in managing creative projects, including self-build.

He is skilled in participative research, planning, monitoring and evaluation of sustainable development, impact assessment, environmental, social, conservation and heritage initiatives. He has led multi-disciplinary teams in Europe, South Atlantic, Africa, Middle East, Asia and China. His focus is on practical and effective ways to improve business approaches, lifestyles and coping strategies to alleviate poverty and deliver better-integrated economic, environmental and social outcomes. His work also focuses on creative links and development and behavioural change opportunities between science, art, culture, business and communities.

He has authored books, produced training manuals and long distance teaching materials and reported extensively on impact assessment, environment management and sustainable development policy and practice. He has been a Programme Fellow (Environmental Planning Group) for International Institute for Environment and Development and a member of the International Association of Impact Assessors. He was the original sustainability advisor to Eden Project. He has been a strategic business advisor to various environmental organisations, creative and art-led businesses, health and well-being organisations, and initiatives for people with impaired vision. Currently, he is Strategy/Development Lead for the Carbon Free Group, EdenLAB Ltd, Otok Ltd and Global Impacts Ltd.