Adrienne Robins
Advisory Board

Adrienne Robins has been telling the world about sustainability for more than 20 years. Starting out as a journalist in the 80s writing about green roofs, she moved into PR and communications working extensively in the construction, energy, recycling and innovation sectors. Almost three decades on, the stories have changed and the technology has evolved, but the frustration that we are still behind the curve remains.

During her career, Adrienne has considered and written about many different aspects of sustainability, from construction materials made from energy from waste bottom ash and household recycling efficiency to textile exporting, clothes leasing schemes, solar energy and storage, smart cities and autonomous vehicles. Two factors are consistent regardless of the project or technology: no one aspect works in isolation; and messaging needs to be simple and relatable.

For these reasons, Adrienne has spent much of her career unravelling and demystifying complex topics so that key audiences will not only bother to read past the first paragraph but also care about the outcomes. Clients have included Kingsway Group, Balfour Beatty, Conway, Covanta Energy, Yorkshire Water, The Recycling Association, Saica Group and a number of local authorities.

Key skills include the development and delivery of multi-stakeholder communications programmes, copywriting and providing useful, thought-provoking (rather than useless) information to journalists.

Adrienne is a judge for The National Recycling Awards and a passionate supporter of Maidstone United.

Advisory Board